Last month the completely renewed AD Delhaize Lochristi on the Antwerpsesteenweg-Bosdreef opened its doors. The result is an impressive store that is more beautiful and cozy than ever. Thanks to numerous adjustments, customers can move more smoothly through the various departments and experience the greatest shopping comfort offered by Delhaize till now.

The services to customers and the practical applications for every day have been improved with a few innovations. In other words, the new AD Delhaize Lochristi focuses on the customer and experience they have while shopping in the most modern AD Delhaize in the region. Unique to this store is that the entire roof was covered with solar panels so that the electricity consumption of the store is 100% sustainable.

AD Delhaize Lochristi Facts:

48 employees
2500 m² sales-area
232 parkingspots
16000 products
13 checkouts + counter

The new AD store concept is mainly characterized by spacious aisles, better visibility, atmospheric lighting, warm materials and colors that focusses on shopping experience. A clear and simple philosophy forms the basis for new developments: putting the customer at the center of attention, because 'Delhaize with life' means first and foremost finding an answer to the tailored needs of each customer.

A new modern store concept naturally also includes a renewed checkout zone. Together with Skan Retail, AD Delhaize has therefore developed a completely new checkout that matches the look and feel of the store. A total of 13 cash registers were placed in the store with a total sales area of 2500 m2.

source: AD Delhiaze

AD-Delhaize_Checkout AD-Delhaize_Checkout AD-Delhaize_Checkout AD-Delhaize_Checkout
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