Edeka Endt opts for ONE checkout

Skan Retail delivered new ONE checkouts for EDEKA Endt in Mönchengladbach. In a short period of time, both parties were able to shape the project to ultimately deliver a complete and modern checkout zone. The checkouts include a product vending machine, smartsale, LED and display advertising to fit every customer’s needs.

EDEKA Endt can rightly be called a modern supermarket. The spacious layout and trendy design of the market ensure a real shopping experience. This line is continued in the supplied ONE checkouts, which are finished with wooden panelling from a local carpenter.

The checkouts have been received enthusiastically by both EDEKA employees as EDEKA customers alike. This user-friendly checkout was based on a proven modular design and already used materials. Making its appearance robust and natural which contributes to the translation of the fresh EDEKA Endt store concept.
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