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It was 2015 that Tipico, developer of hard- and software for sports betting, came into contact with Skan Retail. The initial question was about developing a sports betting pay-out terminal. Early 2016, in Dusseldörf, we discussed the purpose, functionality and design of the furniture in detail. After this meeting, it was eventually decided to make a completely new design of the existing betting terminal. In competition with 4 other parties, Skan Retail was able to stand out in design and prototype. Skan Retail's assignment was to develop a complete gaming and betting kiosk for Tipico. Tipico is the market leader in retail sports betting in Germany and has around 1.400 betting shops.

From design, hardware and software Skan Retail developed a piece of unique integral kiosk furniture with our partner Merlin Technology. A great number of kiosk systems, both wall-mounted and pedestal models, have been delivered.

From traditional cash in and cash-out transactions to subscription and loyalty platforms; Sports booings, event ticketing, and digital signage. A gaming and betting kiosk must meet a large number of complex requirements. The kiosk model and display must be durable and flexible. In terms of design, the terminal must have an inviting form that fits the corporate identity and appearance of the betting shops. Outputs for use and User Interface must be simple and intuitive.

From the Skan Retail assembly hall and after a comprehensive function test, all kiosk systems are fully assembled with plug and play technology for delivery to the final customer. The betting shops get both remote support when it comes to software, and direct service when it comes to hardware and mechanical components. Already in the design and engineering phase, serviceability has been considered by the positioning of hardware components such as the coin tester and ticket reader in such a way that the components are easy to reach and replace.

“If your mother can fix the terminal then it’s a good product”. Dimitry Völkle

"The secret of the collaboration between Skan Retail and Tipico is the short and direct communication lines," said Dimitry Völkle, director of Tipico. "From the very first moment, we frequently communicated and kept each other informed on a regular basis". To the question of what made Tipico choose Skan Retail, Mr Völkle indicated that this is an easy question. "First of all, we were very excited about the design. Our requirements and wishes were well understood and translated into the design of our gaming and betting kiosk. Tipico is a high-value company and expects the same quality standards from its suppliers. Skan Retail is such a supplier. European companies also work with the same trade agreements ".

We have to be honest, not everything can go right in such a project, so we are curious about Mr Völkle's response to this; "Problems or challenges are always encountered, but by short communication lines they are quickly resolved."

“Skan Retail makes a difference and knows how to translate wishes into unique customer design” Dimitry Völkle
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