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Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn has added scan & go to all stores where customers can already self-scan with the hand scanner or mobile phone. The different forms of self-scan are combined with scan & go in one payment pole where all self-scan customers can easily complete their shopping trip. In March 2017, Wageningen and Amersfoort opened the scoop with scan & go, but in the meantime these self-scan solutions have been placed in many Albert Heijn stores.

Albert Heijn asked Skan Retail in 2016 to develop the compact scan & go solution. The result was this compace furniture that is both a Self Checkout (SCO) and a Scan As You Shop solution (SAYS). The Albert Heijn ToGo stores have all been successfully integrated into the new intuitive and compact scan & go solution.

Both the so-called hands & baskets customers can use this furniture as SCO, as well as the customers with the large messages that mainly use the SAYS functionality. The advantage of this solution is that the customer does not have to make his or her choice at the front of the store whether or not to scan themselves. The choice can still be made if the queue at the counter is considered too long.

In addition to customer benefits, it also gives Albert Heijn stores an advantage in floor space. The space gained can thus be used to present products to customers in an attractive way. An example of this is the reclassification of the vegetable department in 2019. Thanks to the placement of self-scan solutions, space has been made for a larger vegetable department without sacrificing retail space for other products.

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